I can’t remember a time in my life that hasn’t been positively affected by music. Since the first time I picked up drumsticks at the age of 1, it’s been my passion to create “noise” for the soul! Growing up in a music loving family, I taught myself how to play drums, guitar, piano & bass at a very young age. At age 14 I co-founded a DJ/Entertainment company which allowed me to perform at countless dances, weddings, private parties, universities, you name it… It was at that age I also discovered Ableton (music production software) that opened my eyes to the world of composing & recording. Three years later I was offered my first record deal.

As I created music throughout Audio Engineering school I begin placing 1st in multiple production/remix contests that earned my music support from artists such as Dada Life & Sean Divine. Over the past few years I’ve expanded the horizon of my music by getting songs featured in commercials, films, videos & TV shows. Just as music has become my reason for existing, my vision is to impact the lives of others and share the sense of wonder & beauty that I feel when creating it.

zima digital marketing

ZIMA is a digital marketing company I co-founded in 2016. We help our clients accelerate business growth by creating and executing profitable online marketing campaigns. Our team is comprised of designers, developers, visual artists, musicians, audio engineers, videographers, editors, photographers, creative directors and forward-thinkers making a dent in the media realm. 

ZIMA holds a special place in my heart because every day we get to help other entrepreneurs and business owners take their brands to the next level in a fun and creative way. If you’re interested in growing your own project, whatever it may be, visit our website below to get in contact with my team!

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